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What to Expect

We know that buying a house is the largest investment most people make in their lives, and it can be extremely stressful.  At Executives Title we do all that we can to eliminate stress and anxiety so you can enjoy buying your home.


A Friendly Atmosphere

You will be greeted by smiling faces, comfortable surroundings and you will be treated in a warm and professional manner.


Prompt Service

We know that your time is valuable. Our number one goal is to have you at the closing table as quickly as possible. 


Guidance Through the Process

Once seated your closer will guide you through the closing process, explaining all the “ins and outs” of the transaction. Professionalism, friendliness and accuracy are the gold standards for closings at Executives Title



ESCROW FILE NUMBER: Your closing will be assigned an Escrow File Number.              

OFFICER/ASSISTANT:  A specialized team ready to assist you with your title needs will be assigned to your file.  When you choose Executives Title, you have chosen a team of professionals dedicated to you.

HOMEOWNER'S INSURANCE:  If you are obtaining a new loan, a new Homeowner's Insurance Policy will be needed prior to closing.  Check with your lender for the amount of coverage required for your mortgage.   After you have selected your insurance agent, please provide your lender with the name and phone number of the agent so that they can exchange information and arrange for the delivery of the policy prior to closing.  The first year premium will be included in your closing costs and paid at closing.

ABSTRACT:  Abstracts contain recorded legal documents pertaining to the title of a property.   Oklahoma requires an abstract for each property.  An abstract must be brought up to date and read by a real estate attorney.  

COMMITMENT:  The examination of the abstract will be completed by one of the on-site attorneys at Robert E. Parker Attorney at Law, Inc., P.C.  A commitment will be prepared listing the requirements and exceptions needed in order to have clear title to be able to proceed with the closing.  A copy will be sent to all appropriate parties.

SURVEY:  A survey will be ordered for review with the commitment.

CLOSING DATE:  You will be contacted prior to closing to schedule a time that is convenient to you and the other parties involved in the transaction.

PROOF OF IDENTITY:  To comply with federal regulations, a photo ID such as a driver’s license, military ID or passport at the time of closing.  If you do not bring a picture ID to closing, we will be unable to proceed with the closing.

CLOSING FIGURES:  We will contact you prior to your closing appointment to give you the amount needed for closing.  Note: For files with the involvement of a lender, our ability to provide you with this figure is totally dependent upon our receipt of your loan package from your Lender and receipt of all bills to be paid, which may be provided by other parties involved in the transaction.

CLOSING FUNDS:  The funds for closing MUST be in the form of a Cashier's Check (if funds due are $20,000.00 or less) or a Wire Transfer.   Cashier's Checks should be payable to yourself or to Executives Title & Escrow, LLC .  If you will be wiring your funds, please contact your Escrow Officer for wiring instructions.

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